The Snazz Factor

If you have ever walked into a space that feels lifeless, stale, uncomfortable or just plain ole boring? Then it may be missing the snazz factor. What is snazz you ask? Snazz, according to the urban dictionary means someone who is fresh, fly or dope. Someone with a style all their own who stands out from the crowd.

Chances are if the space doesn’t look and feel snazzy, then it’s probably set up to only be functional without having much in the way of aesthetics. This imbalance of a space that is heavily dominated with function and not aesthetics can not only be seen but felt.

It can also speak volumes about a person. Yes, some people may just not be naturally gifted with the ability to snazz things up, but sometimes it can also be a reflection of how someone is feeling about themselves and their lives. They may have a fear around expressing their true style for fear of non-acceptance. Maybe they are stuck in a rut and their inner world seems colorless and boring which might translate into a snazzless space. Possibly, they are living in a temporary place and their “just for now” mentality is causing them too not want to liven up their current surroundings so as to not get to rooted in their space.

Adding snazz to your space doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. Simple lighting can really change the feeling of a room. Making the choice to spend a few extra bucks to invest in a wooden file cabinet versus the putty colored metal file cabinets could make all the difference in the world whether you keep up with your filing or not. Why not bring some nature indoors and spruce up the place with some life giving plants? They might help you to stay more alert throughout the day. A rug, wall art, paint, throw pillows are all ways to wow up a hum drum environment.

You won’t believe what a difference snazzing can make in how you feel and what shows up in your life. Replacing that sterile white comforter with a lush, purple one might evoke romantic vibes and next thing you know a new partner shows up in your life. Using red colored hanging file folders versus the standard hunter green folders to store all your action needed documents might ignite your internal flame and inspire you to take action more easily. Looking at a picture that brings up peaceful feelings, might help you calm down from a stressful situation making you more effective at closing that big deal.

I challenge you today to look around your space and ask yourself on a scale from 1-10 how much have you snazzed up your space? If the answer is not that much, then I highly recommend you start adding some elements to increase the snazz factor. Your life will feel and become more enriched for doing so.

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