HELP!!! A four letter word to an entrepreneur

The majority of my clients are female entrepreneurs.  Many are “mompreneurs.”  One of the reasons I believe that the majority of my clients fall in this demographic is because an extra layer of stress is added to being an entrepreneur when someone has children.  That stress is generated from guilt.  Guilt over not having enough time to spend with their kids.    Not only are they struggling to find time with their children because of the demands from simultaneously running a business and raising a family, but from the pressure to maintain a clean and organized home and office.

When I finally get what I call the “911 call”, they are at their wits end and experiencing alarming levels of stress.  They are completely overwhelmed with all of the demands, responsibilities, obligations and roles they are responsible for doing.    They have lost control of their papers, emails, tasks, time and projects and surviving the day rather than thriving in the day.     They may be possibly experiencing massive growth and are discovering their lack of systems are quickly sabotaging it.   Their relationships and health are suffering.   Their homes rather than being the sanctuary they are meant to be have almost become a prison of unmet expectations, failure, disappointment, embarrassment and shame.  For the mompreneur, when they become very clear the way they are living and operating will have potential long term negative affects on their children, that’s what motivates them into action to finally call and ask for help.

Help.  That four letter word that for most entrepreneurs is one of the hardest words for us to add to our vocabulary.  Let’s face of it.  Most of us come from the perspective that no one can do what we do as good as we do it,   however, at some point we realize if we want to move our businesses forward, we need to accept help.  Unfortunately, for most of my clients it’s at the point where they aren’t just treading water, they are drowning.

But the good news is, asking for help usually generates amazing results.  The right teachers will show up.  You will gain new clarity on a subject.  You will see pieces of information in different ways.  The appropriate tool or system will present themselves and new opportunities for growth and learning will show up on your radar.

Once I realized how many women entrepreneurs were struggling to sustain  their businesses while keeping their friends and families happy,  houses and offices cleaned and organized and keeping their worlds from self imploding in an instant, I started to reach out to resources that would connect me with women entrepreneurs.  That is what led me to Chic CEO, an organization run by women devoted to providing resources, education and business savvy to other women entrepreneurs.  As soon as I saw their website, I was so on Team Chic CEO and had to get in touch with them.   Founder Stephanie Burns and Chief Marketing Officer Jody Coughlin have all the sass, style and spirit of today’s female entrepreneur.    I was very honored when they asked me to be featured in their entrepreneur spotlight.   Check out the interview here.

To help address the areas where I was finding where entrepreneurs were struggling with the most; papers, emails, tasks, time and projects, I created a One-on-One Productivity Coaching Program to help them clear their mess to lower their stress and increase their income earning potential.    A unexpected surprise happened once my clients went through the training.  Where they thought they needed me to organize their other spaces like kitchen, bedroom and closets, after experiencing the freedom my training brings, they were freed up energetically to be able to tackle those areas on their own.    Not only did that save them money, but it empowered them with the confidence in knowing that they were able to organize their home on their own and they weren’t as hopeless as they thought they were.

Empowering my clients to be able to organize their own spaces is my goal and my passion.

If you are an entrepreneur struggling to keep your business alive and kicking and want to get your life back, I invite you to contact me to schedule a free 30 minute productivity coaching session.  I will assess what areas are causing bottle necks in your business and give you 3-5 strategies to clear them up right away and boost your productivity instantly.

If you are ready to live a thriving life instead of just surviving life, let Miss Organized help get you there.  Your health, family and business will thank you.

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