Testimonial from mom of boy with Autism

Here is the latest testimonial I have received from a lady who has two young boys, one of them who has Autism.  She moved into a new place and she wanted to get it set up right from the get go.  Within one week we transformed the toy room into an easy to use space and the kitchen into an efficient hub of the home.

So I need to shout to the world about the most amazing woman that helped me organize my new home! Tracy Paye aka Miss Organized, is, quite simply, a miracle worker.  I found her on yelp and in less than a week, she has transformed my kitchen and the boys playroom.  This is seriously one of the best things I’ve ever done, she has taught me simple techniques to stay organized and get rid of clutter! The boys LOVE their playroom and they both happily put away their toys when they are done playing. It’s been amazing to see the affect an organized playroom has had on Max (my 5 yr old with autism), even in a short period of time – we finished the playroom and kitchen this past week. He is so much calmer and he loves putting his toys in their assigned places once he is finished playing. Max has had an amazing week – sitting calmly in a restaurant, independently going #2 on the potty (this has been a battle for years) and when his behavior therapist asked me what changed this week, I simply told him – Miss Organized was here! She has changed my life and her techniques are so simple, I’ll be able to use them to organize the rest of my home and KEEP organized! God bless you Tracy, you are a miracle-worker!

To see before and after pictures click here


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