My weird job as an Organizer

I sometimes wonder why I am a Professional Organizer. Several times a week I am in environments with dust, dirt, cobwebs, rotten food, pee stains, dog poop, cat poop, rat poop and once with human poop (yep, that happened). Not exactly what one would consider a dream job.

I see papers toppling over, drawers and cabinets bursting at the seams, broken things, dead things, old things, unfinished projects and so much stuff, it would make most people run out of the room and shut the door. From squashed rats to thousands of dollars of collectors coins in a nightstand, when it comes to people’s houses and offices, I’ve just about seen it all. Not exactly what one would consider a dream workspace.

Professional Organizers, however, don’t only deal with people’s physical spaces, we deal with their mental and emotional spaces as well. Several times a week, I put myself smack dab in the middle of other people’s chaos. The Professional Organizer with a hero complex that I am, with cape on I reach into my Miss Organized superhero toolbox and pull out whatever I think is necessary to help that person, family or business. Whether it’s cleaning strategies, marital mediation, decision making and communication techniques or emotional counseling through the letting go phase,I have chosen to take on other people’s chaos as my life work. Not exactly what one would consider an easy job.

So why am I a Professional Organizer? Maybe it’s my o.c.d and my compulsive need to create order, clean and fix things. Perhaps it’s because of my strong desire to help people reduce their stress. Or maybe it’s my inner artist choosing to express itself through the medium of organizing and creating works of art in people’s homes and offices.

I know it’s not exactly what one would consider a dream job that is easy and in a dream workspace, but for this quirky chic that abhors cubicles, doesn’t mind getting dirty, finds human behavior fascinating and just wants to save the world, one house at a time, it’s a pretty rad job.

My new book If Clutter Could Talk details some of the homes I’ve been in and the interesting events that took place during and after our work. It also includes some funny client quotes and bullet pointed take aways at the end of each chapter (just in case you don’t want to read it from beginning to end). Check out my book if you want to take a look at your clutter from a more lighthearted perspective. Hope it helps.

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