Healing through organizing

My jaw is still dropped from the story my client just told me, which she has given me full permission to tell.  But first a little background.

We just completed session two of my productivity coaching program which I trained her on my email management system. But before we got started on the training, we reviewed how her progress was going since we last worked with each other a week prior.

Amongst my list of four questions, I ask, “Did anything interesting or unusual happen this week?” The reason I ask this question is because once I begin working with clients and helping them de-clutter and organize, interesting and unusual things start to happen.  From 2 love proposals in less than 24 hours, job offers 30 minutes after we start, breakups and $5,000 appearing out of nowhere within 2 weeks of starting the process, I can write at least 50 more blogs on all the stories that have been shared with me.

My theories on why this is happening is that removing clutter, in other words energy blockers, not only reduces stress but unblocks the energy which will remove the old to bring in the new.  When this energy gets stirred up, there’s no telling how that will play out in someone’s life. Sometimes it doesn’t play out to pretty at the beginning and sometimes it causes a major and instant life change.   Sickness, things breaking, fights, student grades improving, weight loss, raises, pregnancy, moving, marriage have all happened as a result of letting go of the clutter and getting organized.

At first when I asked my client, “Did anything unusual or interesting happen” she really didn’t have anything to report, so I moved on to the next question.  But there a came point where she felt the need to tell me what happened and I have to say that this may be the biggest breakthrough I’ve experienced  a client going through yet.

She proceeded to tell me that her and her boyfriend just recently went to Vegas.  After a night of drinking, they began to have sex in their hotel room.  She bashfully admitted that they sometimes get a bit aggressive, but this night, her boyfriend was being more aggressive than normal and proceeded to pull her hair so hard that it actually hurt.  She immediately ran into the bathroom, curled up in the bathtub and cried for the next 45 minutes straight.  She expressed surprised over her tears as she has never been someone that cries.  Her boyfriend tried to talk her but she told him she needs to be alone and she will come back out when she is ready.   The next day, where her boyfriend felt complete remorse for what happened, she felt very oddly elated about it because for the first time in her life, she said no to sex.

Being molested at age 4 and raped at age 7, this incident unexpectedly triggered a very deep emotional wound that had never been healed.  As a result she grew up never saying no to anyone wanting to have sex with her.  Even if she didn’t want it. Saying no to her boyfriend  was so empowering that she was able to tell him, with a smile on her face that she was glad it happened and it’s a good thing.

When we first started, she said her stress was on a scale from 1-10 a 13.  One week later, she proudly said it is now at an 8.  I can’t help but wonder if reducing her stress allowed a path to be opened for the healing of this wound to begin and this was just the start of her journey.

Organizing can heal.  Find the courage to get started and let the healing begin.

To read more interesting stories about clients healing through organizing, read my book, “If Clutter Could Talk….the stories it would tell” now available on Amazon.







But this one, may be taking the cake.

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