Cooking Up Quality


Guest Post Contributed by Susan Brennan


As many of you know, I love cooking…I enjoy trying out new recipes, and I love creating my own!  One of the things that I’ve noticed during my years of culinary experience is that things that are crafte4d with care taste way better than the things I rushed through.  I’d much rather eat a meal that was slowly warmed over the stove top as opposed to zapped in the microwave.  While the meal indeed ends up heated in both cases, there’s something different about a perfectly simmered batch of soup that just can’t be obtained when using the microwave.

As you go throughout your day, do you find that you’re constantly rushing through things, trying to get as many things done in a short amount of time as possible? Or, perhaps, you take each project in turn, give it care and attention, and produce exemplary results. In cooking, I find there are generally three ways to heat a meal, and while it ends up hot with each practice, each method produces different results. Perhaps look at how you’re approaching life and see which one resonates with you, and take a look at some things you could adjust to get that “perfectly simmered” result each time.

Microwave Method: 

o You want something done quickly

o Completion of the job is more important than the quality of the job

Simmer Method: 

o You care about a high quality end result

o You are willing to spend time and attention to get that

High Heat Method: 

o You want the job done fairly quickly and fairly well

o You recognize that it may take some of your time, but in the end, you have other projects that you’d rather focus your attention on

The time and effort you give reflects in your work. While there are cases where the microwave method will work just fine (i.e. to heat up water), most of the time I would wager that simmering your work will produce the highest quality.

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Susan Brennan is a speaker, personal assistant, artist and productivity enthusiast. When she’s not working on her businesses, she can often be found reading a great book at a local coffee shop, or snuggling with her creatures (two cats and a dog). You can learn more about her and how she helps people Be Productive Vicariously, by visiting her website at


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