My New Fave Bag

I’ve never been much of a purse girl. The three that I have right now sufficiently meet my stuff carrying needs. Then the Portagio Classic Crossbody purse came into my life and met the needs I didn’t even know I had. BG-031-EGG-1

Whether you are an over the shoulder or clutch kinda gal, this purse can accommodate both with a removable strap and loops that tuck neatly into the back pocket when your doin the clutch thing. The straps are easily adjustable and attached on only one side making the access more open and easier. I love putting it inside a bigger purse that I can remove to carry with just the basics like my cell phone, keys, wallet and glasses. Lightweight and made of full grain leather, carrying it under my arm and setting it on my lap feels comfortable against my skin.

For such a small bag, I was very surprised to see how much I can fit in it. With so many compartments, I can easily separate my things to make finding them easier. The zippered middle compartment is my favorite one because the soft interior lining helps to protect my sunglasses and reading glasses from getting scratched. I like to use one of the two compartments on the outside of the bag to hold my cell phone so I can easily grab it instead of having to un-zipper first.

Speaking of zippers, this may be my most fave feature. Not only do the zippers glide easily, but the main zipper runs all the way down the length of the purse which open the purse up pretty wide. The zippered compartment on the outside makes it easy to place the things that I need quick access to but keeping them secure at the same time.

If you need something bigger than a small handbag but still want to have the freedom of carrying it around your body, check out Portagio’s Carefree Crossbody Bags. I personally love the blue one. Carefree

If you are looking for a go to purse, that is not only stylish and modern, but can fit a lot in a little space while keeping it all organized at the same time, Portagio bags are just what you need.

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