Get Organized For Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is being held this year on November 29th, the day after Black Friday. Rather than spending their money at the big box retail stores and e-commerce sites, consumers are encouraged to show their support by making their purchases from their communities local brick and mortar small businesses.
As a business owner, here’s a few organizational tips you can use to reap the rewards of extra profits and get through the day with less overwhelm and more holiday joy.
Get The Word Out 
It’s not too late to blast the web and let everyone know who you are, where you are and what you have to offer.  Create 10 short posts to be posted once every 3 hours over the next two days.  Use Hootsuite to post on all of your social media sites all at the same time.  Don’t forget to also use Google +  which will give a powerful boost to your SEO rankings. Kabbage has a great guide on Social Media Etiquette to hep you get your brand’s message out to the masses through each of the different social platforms.
Hire Extra Hands
More foot traffic means more people moving things out of place. As an organizer, if I walk into a store and it’s not clean and organized, I will walk right out.  A dirty and unorganized store communicates a message which can ultimately impact the consumers trust for the quality of the products.  Don’t let a messy and unorganized store deter business.  Make sure you have enough staff on hand to keep the shelves stocked, the pathways clear and the inside and outside of the store clean.  It may cost a little extra out of pocket, but will be well worth it in the end.
Organizing papers
Plan to Process 
With all of the extra profits rolling in on Saturday, chances are there will be a lot more paperwork to have to deal with too. Make a plan to carve out more time than normal to process all of the paperwork that got generated on Saturday.  Make sure to write down what steps are needed to process the paperwork and how long each step will take so when it comes time to actually do the work, you will be more efficient and less overwhelmed.
Organize Your Database 

New business is great, but new business you can stay in touch with is even better.  Increase your future sales by capturing the new customer’s information by offering incentives like freebies for leaving their business card.  But what good is it having their information if you don’t do anything with it?  Mailchimp is an powerful yet simple CRM system that enables you to store customer info and use it to continue to stay in touch with them well after Small Business Saturday is over.

With a little extra planning and organization, small businesses can thrive on Small Business Saturday, enjoying a boost in profits, extra visibility, higher customer satisfaction and building long term customer relationships all the while with less stress, overwhelm and more holiday joy.

For additional resources on ways to help your small business, check out the many resources and blogs on

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