3 Big Productivity Killers




Why Am I So Unproductive?

From a messy desk to an inefficient space design, the conditions in a workspace can have a negative impact on one’s productivity.  However, there are three conditions that tend to have the biggest impact and fixing them is easier than you think.



Are you trying to complete projects needing a lot of brain power while Sponge Bob is playing in the background?  Do you feel like immediately leaving your workspace or lose your motivation to work as soon as you sit down at your desk?  Do you feel unfocused or uncomfortable and find a million other tasks to do rather than the ones you intended to do?   Then chances are you need to set up your desk in a different location.

Often I find my clients do better with two different locations for their workspaces.  One to handle the quicker tasks like answering emails, opening mail and paying bills and the other where they can work on such tasks that require long periods of uninterrupted time.  A small workstation in the dining room or kitchen tends to be a good spot for quick tasks.  Parents do best with this because they can do what they need to do but still be in close proximity to their kids.  For tasks that require a higher level of focus, a location furthest away from the high traffic areas seems to work best.

Maybe you don’t have the option of changing the location of your desk, but even slight changes to these next two conditions can give your productivity a boost.



Have you ever been sitting at your desk and feel nervous about who is coming up behind you? Chances are it’s because you have your back facing the door to your workspace. Not only is this a major Feng Shui no no, but the constant worry of someone sneaking up behind you could mess with your focus and your productivity.

The best position for a desk is what is referred to in Feng Shui as the command position.  The command position is the spot that is further from the door and not in direct line with it. It is usually diagonally from the door and facing the door.  Also, having your back to a wall tends to create a more stable and secure feeling.  However, some people find they need to be facing a wall in order to not be distracted by everything they can see. If that’s the case, place a mirror in front of you so you can at least still see who is coming up behind you.  Some people need to position their desk where they can see out a window so they don’t feel so confined.  Experiment with different positions and see which one feels right to you.



One of the first questions I ask my clients when assessing their workspace is how well does the lighting in their space work for them. Almost every time they tell me it doesn’t work well for them at all and proceed to tell me exactly what the problem is. Whether the lighting is too dim or too harsh, if the lighting doesn’t work for you you will not be motivated to want to work in that space and may do the majority of your work in another space all together.  Using natural lighting like the Verilux SmartLight is an easy way to not only brighten your space but can also help to improve your focus, boost your productivity, prevent eye strain and fatigue and help you to read faster.

If you are noticing that you are not sitting in your designated workspace as often as you like or think you should, then take a moment to assess whether the location and direction of your desk feels right to you and if the lighting makes you want to run away or stay and work.  Making small adjustments in anyone of these areas will make you feel a whole lot better in your workspace and give your productivity the kick in the butt it needs.

To find more ways to increase your productivity, check out my productivity coaching service.

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