Bringing in the money with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Brings In Money

Experience after experience, client after client, feng shui, cleaning and organizing has repeatedly proven to be one of the simplest solutions to bring in moneyRoll of cash quickly that I’ve ever seen.

Just yesterday, my client who I only started with 3 weeks ago told me that she has already won a $400 iPad at work and received a $1500 bonus for recruiting someone to come work at her company.

Within 2 months of starting the organizing and feng shui process in his office, then moving on to the garage, my client’s father offered to pay for the fencing around his home.  Cost of the fence?  $14,000.  Boom!

My favorite story of all is a making lemonade out of lemons kinda story. In May 2014, I started organizing my client’s pantry.  She was going through a divorce with a hoarder who was no longer in the house and she needed a lot of help to purge a lot of things. A week later, the San Marcos fires hit and unfortunately, she had left her windows open which caused smoke damage. Bummer right?

Actually, it was a blessing in disguise.  Her insurance company paid to have everything in her house cleaned from top to bottom. Including carpets, cleaning and repainting all of the walls, clothing and curtains. It took a crew of 10 people about a week just to box up everything in her home to get it ready for cleaning.  Also paid for by the insurance company.

On top of that, she negotiated to have them pay for my services and a crew of 5 other helpers.  What would have taken me weeks on my own, we were able to complete in days.

Finally, she was able to get them to pay for new landscaping since the fires had scorched it all.  The craziest part about it, is if you looked out her window, you could see the two houses directly below her burnt to the ground.

The power of attracting money through feng shui, organizing and cleaning can easily be explained by energy.  When you have things that are broken, dead or you hate, that creates low vibrating energy which will create a energetic block in the space it’s in.

Show me the money with feng shui

Here’s some simple ways you can transform the energy in your home to attract money:

  • Fix or get rid of anything broken.  If you are going to fix it then put it in a designated “project area” and create a project plan to get it done.  I love using to create my project plans.  Make a commitment to get it done by a certain time (3 months usually works) to fix it or let it go.
  • Re-arrange your furniture.  Especially any furniture that restricts walking in any way.  Even doing a little kitty cornering can shift the energy in the house.
  • Get rid of anything dead like dead plants or little dead rat skeletons hanging from your garage door.  Ya, that happened.
  • Move the stuff behind your doors somewhere else or get rid of it.  When a door can’t open fully, that sends an energetic vibration that says you are not fully letting in the energy.  This is especially important at your front door which in feng shui is called the mouth of chi.
  • Fix your front entrance. The front door is the most important part of your home. Make sure you fix anything broken like a burnt out porch light or a hard to open door/lock.  Replace that old door mat with one that puts a smile on your face before you walk in the door.  Get rid of old plants and sweep away the dust and dirt.  I did this for a client and within two weeks, she received an unexpected check for $2,000.
  • Get rid of broken glass.  Broken glass is one of the biggest energy drainers and money suckers.
  • Get rid of things you hate.  Or at least re-purpose it or fix it up into something you will love again.  Feeling bad about your things creates bad juju
  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs.
  • Patch holes in the wall.
  • Fix anything leaking.  This is also another big one.
  • Get stuff out from under the bed.  Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home.  It is the place to restore your energy so you can have the energy to attract and go out and make money.  The more stuff you have under your bed, the less the energy can move and restore you.

You would be surprised how doing any of these things could bring in money. It may not show up in the form of cold hard cash. But rather it may come in the form of a gift, a discount, an unexpected refund or you win something.  The first signs of cash coming in is usually finding it in your own home. Even if it’s only a buck.  I once had a lady find $6,000 worth of checks she lost.

I don’t know about you, but that would definitely motivate me to want to clean an organize my home.  Give it a shot and get ready to say SHOW ME THE MONEY!

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