The Rewards Of Organizing


Single Mom Gets a Fresh Start

In my hometown of San Diego, my neighbor was a struggling single mom who couldn’t find work, was late on rent by 2 months and didn’t know where to turn.  Knowing that letting go of clutter, organizing and feng shui can create instant change in someone’s finances, I offered to help.  

Within minutes I discovered she hated several pieces of furniture, had lots of dust and dirt that needed to be cleaned up and a mound of clothes that no longer served her.  We cleaned the floors, purged the clothes and got rid of some furniture. 

Within 2 weeks, she received a surprise call from her friend who  offered to buy her old car that had been just sitting there not being used.  $5,000 later, she paid all the rent she owed, decided to move back to her hometown and had the money to move into a new place. She also re-connected with an old flame. 

Feng Shui Fixes Fences

Two months ago, that total was surpassed by a client who after we started organizing his office, his garage and implemented some feng shui cures got a surprise of his own.  His parents offered him a gift of paying to replace the fence around his property.  The total cost of the gift, $14,000. 

a young happy woman huggs an older happy elderly women

Helping Her Mom Buy a Home 

Then, last week, my client was advised by her financial planner of some tax saving strategies that enabled her to re-invest money she did not know she had to invest.

As a result, she now has $70,000 that she will use to help her 85 year old mom to buy a condo.   Trying not to cry, she told me how hot her mom’s mobile home can get and moving her mom closer to be able to take better care of her was her top priority.   Money doesn’t just buy things.  It buys peace of mind.

Even after all these years of organizing and hearing story after amazing story of surprising financial gains, I’m still astonished when it happens.  Now the amount to beat is $70,000.  I can’t wait to hear what that story will be.

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