Clothes Purging Session with Kayla

On this coaching call, I work with Kayla Donato, a budding blogger who’s learning how to balance motherhood with her need to create and serve the greater good.

Though her closet was minimal and already pretty organized, we discovered it was a few pieces, tied to the past, that was holding her back from making decisions in her closet.

By sharing with Kayla my clothes sorting and decision-making methods and strategies, we were able to get her in touch with how she really felt about her some of her clothes motivating her to make different decisions.

We also discussed topics that are common during clothes purging sessions like:

• Tossing without permission can lead to resentment

• How to let loose without letting go

• Feng shui and how it can be used in your closet

• The word hate and the damage it can do in your home and life

Watch our interview on my YouTube channel Miss Organized.

To learn how Miss Organized can help you get organized on your own right over the phone check out my DIY virtual coaching services. 

Check out Kayla’s blog Though She Be But Little.

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