Helping You To Clear the Mess

to Relieve Your Stress!

While watching “Mission Organization,” in 2002, I discovered that people have been making a profession doing what I have loved to do since the age of 12, GETTING RID OF CLUTTER!

Imagine… at twelve years of age, I had a friend who would invite me over to her house to play. I would look forward to her invite every time because it gave me a chance to clean up and organize her messy room.

Needless to say, most twelve-year-olds define fun in a much different way and eventually, she stopped inviting me over.  I can’t help myself.  I can see beyond the clutter and feel compelled to stop the overwhelm and stress and create a space that feels calm, peaceful and functions better than before. 

With this realization in 2002, I decided to open my business, Miss Organized, to not only continue to practice my passion but dramatically improve the homes and lives of whoever asks for my help.  Since then I have organized hundreds of homes and changed hundreds of lives.

In 2009, I really wanted to put my organizing knowledge to the test and became one of the first organizers in California to earn the distinction of Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®). Certified Professional Organizer®

Using all of the wisdom and experience I have gained over the years, in 2013 I published my book “If Clutter Could Talk….The Stories It Would Tell.”  My book has the distinct honor of being in the San Diego LIbrary. 

Considered an authority in the field, my expert advice has been sought after by news stations across the country including NBC, Fox 5 and San Diego 6. 

I have also been featured in several publications including The Union-Tribune and Living In Style magazine.

Organizing is my passion.  But the real reason I love it is that of the profoundly deep shifts and transformations it causes in those that are willing to take on the process of getting organized.

Teaching my clients how to organize and understand feng shui, brings me tremendous joy.  But bringing awareness to the thoughts and behaviors that created the problem in the first place, is the most rewarding part of this work.