Do-It-Yourself Organizing

Create a calm, productive, and usable space.

Start a project...and finish it!

Feel more energized, confident and accomplished.

Does your home make you feel overwhelmed?

Does clutter make the simplest tasks difficult?

Are you tired of starting a project, but never seeing through to completion? (You’re not alone!)

Yes? I thought so.

I’ll teach you my simple, flexible, organizing process you can use and adapt to make every day feel easier and more calm. And, with added accountability, you’ll feel more confident and energized seeing your projects through from start to finish! Get started right away!

Why a Coach?

As a former personal fitness trainer, I've noticed many similarities between getting a body in shape and getting a home in shape.

It not only requires focus and energy, but time, commitment, discipline, motivation accountability, a change in behaviors, a change in mindset and knowing what to do.

Lacking in any of these areas can cause an organizing project to get derailed, or even worse not started at all!

Working with a personal home organization coach will help you get your projects started and finished. You'll see results faster, with a lot less stress and way more fun.

It's time to get moving and get organized.

The gains will be worth it!

How I Help

After organizing hundreds of homes and transforming thousands of lives since 2003, I have first-hand knowledge of the challenges people face when trying to do organizing projects on their own.

One of the main complaints people tell me, is any attempts they've made to organize only seems to fall apart within days of their well-intentioned efforts.

This happens because:

  • The set-up of the space may not be matching their current needs.
  • Their maintenance routines need simplifying.
  • They didn't change their clutter causing habits such as leaving things "just for now."
  • There is more stuff than space to hold it.

As your personal home organization coach and trainer, I'll help you create the game plan, push you to get it done and train you on how to keep up the results.

With the right plan, we will tackle your organizing projects together using my brain and your hands.

Once you know what to do, you'll be amazed how quickly you'll do it and soon reaping the rewards of a job completed.

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Hours Americans spend looking for things.

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% of household clutter caused by disorganization (not lack of space).

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% of Americans who say they make unhealthy food choices when their home is messy.

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Approximate amount of housework eliminated by getting rid of clutter.

Coaching Options

Which DIY is right for you?


  • You are self-motivated and can hold yourself accountable 
  • You can stay focused for long periods of time 
  • When emotional setbacks arise, you are able to work through them 
  • You are able to start and finish projects with a plan 

If you are the self-directed DIYer, then private, pay-as-you-go coaching would be the right option for you.  In just one hour, we will do an assessment of your project and come up with a project plan for you to implement on your own.

When you're ready for a new project plan, we simply schedule another call, create another plan and keep the momentum going. 

Guided Support 

  • You're able to follow a plan but can get sidetracked easily 
  • You like knowing there is someone to turn to if you get stuck
  • You're emotions sometimes get in the way of your decision making 
  • Keeping yourself motivated is challenging 
  • You run out of energy while organizing 
  • Life takes over and you stop and restart projects 
  • You have difficulty finishing projects 

If you need more support through the organizing process, then my guided support is the right option for you.  My guided support package includes:

1 Assessment and Customized Project Plan for Home Organization Projects
I'll customize the program for your goals and lifestyle to ensure a smooth andsuccessful project day

2 Organization 101
Learn HOW to organize through strategies, methods, principles and experiential training.  The more you know how to organize, the better you will stay organized

3 Kick-off Call
Review the goals and tasks for the project day

4 Check-In Call
At the end of the project day, we’ll review progress, discuss insights and challenges, and plan next steps

5 Follow-Up Call
1-2 weeks after the initial project day, we’ll review progress discuss challenges, wins and future projects

6 Product Recommendations
Inevitably, you’ll have some odds and ends without a home. You may also have found that your old solutions for organizing are not the best solutions. Just ask me and I’ll tell you all about the brilliant products I have come across to handle even the most unruly clutter.

7 Tools
Access to my tried, tested, and true training tools

8 The Book
Get a free copy of my book, If Clutter Could Talk...The Stories It Would Tell


  • You get more energized and motivated with group support 
  • You're more productive with the accountability of a group
  • You value the support and guidance of others
  • You enjoy going through the same experience with others 
  • You love sharing your DIY projects on social media 
  • You're comfortable sharing personal information with others

If you thrive on doing things with others, then group coaching is the right option for you. 

Group sessions include:

  • Assessment of organizing project needs
  • Customized project plans created by each member of the group
  • Tried, tested and true training tools
  • Weekly accountability calls to discuss successes and challenges
  • Access to my private Facebook group DIY with Miss Organized

Whether you are the independent type or a social animal, Miss Organized virtual coaching will help you complete your projects fast, easy and, dare I say, with a lot more fun!


Tracy did a virtual coaching and step-by-step plan for me and our garage. I have the time and ability to do it on my own (with my family's help), I just needed a plan and strategies on how to get it done. Tracy went over everything, including different garage organizing tactics, typical roadblocks people hit, easy acronyms to remember while organizing, optimal ways to space out the work, and also reminders to nurture and take care of myself along the way. She has such a great way of demonstrating and sharing her organizational prowess - whether in person or virtually! I’m a huge fan of DIY with Miss Organized! - Wendy Schroeter

Meet Tracy

Tracy headshot high res

An organizer at heart since the age of 12, I started Miss Organized Professional Organizing Services in 2003.

Since then I have organized hundreds of homes and changed hundreds of lives.

Along the way I became a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®), wrote a book, If Clutter Could Tallk...The Stories It Would Tell and have been featured in the media from news to magazines across the country.

Organizing is my passion and teaching and empowering people how to do it on their own is my mission.

My DIY Program was started as a way to help more people get organized and show them they can do it on their own.

I hope to inspire people all across the world to live an organized life.