Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I know I need to get organized; but what if I don’t feel ready?
A: Look at this way, maybe you aren’t ready to organize the whole house but maybe you would be more ready to organize your clothes closet.

The way to get through an organizing project without falling victim to overwhelm hell is to break down your projects into mini projects that feel manageable and doable for short periods of time.

Miss Organized can help you identify and complete your projects. The more clear about your projects you become, the better your chances of completing them.  Completing things feels really good.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Q: What do I need to do to get ready for our first session?

A: It’s very simple. Get a good night sleep, drink lots of water, make sure you have planned to have the least amount of distractions occur when we work together, leave your home as is and visualize how amazing you are going to feel when we are done.

Often my clients want to do what I call, “clean up before the maid shows up.” Don’t do it. I want to see all of your mess in its glory. Lol.

How you leave your stuff tells me a lot about your behaviors and habits that may explain why you’re experiencing clutter and disorganization in your life. It also helps me to see where your “collection spots” are.

With that information, we will be able to tell where you are experiencing bottlenecks in your home. This will help us create customized solutions to help you organize your home.  Not only that, keep it organized!

Q: I want to get organized; yet what if I am too embarrassed to let someone see how I live?
A: Embarrassment is the number one reason why people don’t hire organizers.  Some people even feel shameful about it.

We understand this and approach the process with non-judgment.  The way we see it is you’re doing something and that deserves a pat on the back.

As the process goes on you will feel less embarrassed and focused on transforming your home into a place that functions and feels better than ever before.

Q: I want to hire someone to help, yet the other people I live with disagree with me?
A: Getting organized has a catalytic effect.  It feels great and improves lives.  Some people already know it.  Some people have to experience it.

If you want to get someone on board in your house, start with your personal spaces first. This will create a ripple effect that will motivate others to start purging and organizing their own things. Without you even having to ask.

It’s no shock to me now when my clients say, “My husband wanted nothing to do with this project.  I purged my closet and next thing I know he’s giving away three bags of clothes he’s donating.”

Getting started is the key to finishing.  Miss Organized can help you get started, help you finish or both.  All members of your house will be better off for it.

Q: I want to do it on my own, why can’t I organize everything myself?
A: You have read all the books about organization tips. You have had visions of getting rid of your paper clutter, kid clutter, garage clutter or whatever clutter is keeping you feeling stuck.

You feel as though there is no need for a professional home organizer because you should be able to do it on your own! So, let me ask you… why have you not finished your organizing projects yet?

I’ll tell you the main reason why.  Because you feel overwhelmed.

What is the main reason why people feel overwhelmed trying to organize on their own? Because the organizing process requires a lot of decision making.

A decision can’t be made till you can answer the question.  Questions like should I keep it or let it go?  If I let it go should I sell it, donate or give it to a friend? If you can’t answer the questions that come up during an organizing project, you will most likely feel overwhelmed and want to quit.

Miss Organized takes all the guesswork out of it.  You tell us your dreams and goals for each space and we’ll figure out how to make it happen.  Whether you want to just hands us your keys or be hands-on with us, we make the process easy to follow.  Dare I say, fun too?

Q: Why should I pay for a professional home organizer when I can hire a maid for cheaper?
A: A maid simply cleans and tidies your house. Take specific notice of the phrase ‘tidies your house.’ Maids make a living by coming back to your place to ‘tidy’ and clean your office or house. Many times they are simply re-arranging paper clutter and storing items in drawers and cabinets without organizing it.

So the visible areas look cleaner, but opening those drawers and cabinets will tell a different story. We come over for only a few visits, work our magic, and you feel a renewed sense of living week after week, year after year, without needing our services continually.

Our goal as your home organizer is to set you up for long-term success, which is accomplished through one on one communication and customized systems.

Maids generally come to your home, clean (without saying much), and leave excited about coming back the next week to ‘clean’ the same mess. With me by your side, you will live with less clutter and more organization and have greater control of your life again.

Q: What if I do not have the time?

A: Most clients are surprised to find out that getting organized and living a more organized life with less clutter can happen in a matter of days, at most a few weeks.

Our sessions are done in 5-hour increments.  With the right plan of action and motivation, you will be surprised how much can get done in 5 hours.

Just taking a few hours out of your life to finish those household projects that have been bugging you for way too long, will give you time back in your life.  Tenfold.

We can do the majority of your project without you even there.  The only thing we can’t do is decide what stays and goes.  However, using our sorting and staging techniques, even purging will be easier than you’ve ever experienced before.

If you have a very busy schedule, don’t worry, all we need is access to your home.  Then we work our magic while you’re handling your life responsibilities.

Q: Will you pressure me to throw my stuff away?
A:  Absolutely not.  We will simply help guide you to a decision that feels right for you right now.

We can help you ask questions that you might not be asking.  Asking the right questions can help make the decision process easier.

The process in itself will have you looking at your things in a different way.  Anything you decide to purge will feel like the natural and right decision to make for yourself right now.

Q: I have bad habits; I want to get organized, but I am afraid I will just go back to the way I was?
A: Spending your valuable time getting organized only to watch it fall apart quickly is very frustrating and demotivating. Organization efforts fall apart for two reasons. Poor or lack thereof a system.

Unchanged clutter causing behaviors.  Miss Organized’s has proven systems for every area of your home that are easy to follow and make everything easier to maintain.

We can even help bring awareness to your clutter causing behaviors and give you techniques to develop new behaviors that will help you to live a more organized life.

Q: How long does a project take and what is involved?
A: Many factors contribute to the length of an organization project. For example how fast you make decisions, how much you have and detailed you want your space(s) to be.

With our proven organizing techniques, methods and strategies, we will organize your space(s) in half the amount of time you could do on your own.

In order to give you a better idea of how long your project will take, fill out our contact form below to schedule a phone consultation so we can learn more about your specific organizing needs and goals.