Feng Shui San Diego Consultant

What is Feng Shui?

Called the “art of placement”, feng shui is an ancient art and science developed by the Chinese over 3,000 years ago. Applying feng shui principles works to balance the energy, otherwise known as “chi” in your space to bring harmonious results in your life.

However, energetic imbalances often exist in people’s homes and can negatively impact one’s life. Especially in the areas of health, money, relationships, career, and family.

It can make a home or office feel uncomfortable, unwelcoming, unsupportive, and unnurturing. It can make one feel stuck, depressed, overwhelmed, uninspired, unromantic, drained, unproductive, and unhealthy. It can make all the difference between wanting to be in your home or be anywhere but your home.

What Causes Energetic Imbalances?

  • Clutter
  • Furniture placement
  • Negative emotional attachments
  • Misuse of colors
  • Poor lighting
  • Broken things
  • Dead plants
  • Broken glass
  • Uncleanliness
  • Dirt, dust and cobwebs
  • Sharp or pointed objects
  • Beds on the ground or with stuff underneath them
  • Ceiling beams and ceiling fans
    Energy from neighbors or outside surroundings
  • Living on a cul-de-sac or a cliff
  • The architectural design of the home
  • Artwork and pictures
  • Old and unused items
  • An imbalance of the elements (wind, water, wood, fire and earth)
  • Bed and desk positions
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The good news is, many imbalances can be quickly and easily corrected using simple “feng shui cures” like furniture re-arranging, adding healthy plants, using water fountains and removing clutter.

How We Help - Before and After Feng Shui

From the moment I first applied a feng shui cure to my San Diego home I experienced positive results the very next day, I became an instant believer of it’s power. Since then, I have engaged in years of self study and hands on application, developing along the way a strong intuitive sense of good versus bad energy and the affect it has on one’s space and life.

Through space assessment, de-cluttering, organizing, and understanding my client’s thoughts and feelings towards their stuff and space, I am able to determine what is causing the negative energetic blocks and where they are located.

With this information, we will either start applying basic and simple feng shui cures immediately or you’ll be provided with a list of items to apply the feng shui cures on your own.

Then sit back and watch the magic unfold before your very eyes. Results do vary, however, most experience results pretty quickly. Such as a job offer 30 minutes after we started moving furniture, 2 love proposals within 12 hours of cleaning out a closet in the love area, and within a month of organizing the office and garage, an unexpected gift of $14,000 from relatives to pay for a new fence.

Contact us today to schedule your free phone consultation and learn how feng shui can dramatically improve your home and your life.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Teddy C. Yelp Review

yelpAfter much research and deliberation, I hired Tracy, AKA Miss Organized, to help me with my townhouse.  She wasn't the least expensive organizer I found, but the information she had on her website plus the time and advice she gave me on the phone before I even hired her convinced me I would be getting my money's worth.  I purchased 10 hours with her which I used over the course of three sessions. Tracy introduced me to her paper management system and helped me to organize my tasks and my clutter. What was really invaluable to me was her help in rearranging the furniture with feng shui in mind. I'm into manifesting and I thought clearing up my clutter and having a better flow of energy in the house with improved furniture placement would help lower my stress levels and attract good things into our lives.  Did Tracy deliver! I received an unexpected sum of money shortly after my last session with Tracy (which she predicted I would after tidying up our front entrance) and my husband and I just learned that we are expecting (Tracy knew that I wanted to have a baby and kept that in mind when advising me on feng shui cures to try around the house). From the way she checks in on me even after my sessions are over, I know that Tracy truly cares about her clients and about helping them achieve their goals.  I am very happy that I hired Tracy and I'm sure you'll be happy you did too.