Storage Rooms Need Love Too

How to Organize a Storage Room with Miss Organized!

This storage room project is of a client I organized four years ago.  A very busy mompreneur with 4 kids, she called me back for a refresh after accumulating more things that caused her storage room to get messy again.  

The great thing is she still had a lot of the organizing I did previously still intact so it made it much easier to organize.

She got rid of several big items that were taking up lots of floor space such as large artwork, exercise bikes and a bed frame that was brought back into the house.  We had most of the items picked up by my favorite hauler, Fidencio, of Mission Minded Moving.

She also had ceiling racks installed in her garage which enabled us to move all of her memorabilia out of the storage room.  I consolidated all of it into storage bins that were easier to put up high.  Since memorabilia is a category of things that people typically don't access often, it's best to store it in less valuable real estate areas.  But, you want to make sure you don't make the bins too heavy or else you won't be as motivated to get them down.

I also built an additional shelving unit that maximized the space and enabled items to be found and put back easily.

Finally, I created zones of like items which makes finding and putting things away much easier.  A large zone was her Christmas and Halloween category.  Along with that, I assembled a gift wrap cart and organized all of her Christmas gift wrapping.

Now, not only will she be able to decorate for the holidays much easier but she will be able to easily access and put away her and her family's sporting gear and have a clean and open space for one of her sons to keep rocking out on his guitar.