Garage Organizing in San Diego

Your Ideal Day

You've put on your calendar to organize your garage on the weekend. Bright and early Saturday morning, you grab a cup of coffee, put on your sneakers and open the door with gusto, determined to finish by the end of the day.  Focused, energized and motivated you work non-stop for hours making fast decisions, avoiding distractions, hauling away your donations and finishing your project on time. You celebrate with a glass of wine and look forward to parking your car in it that night.

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Your Actual Day

You wake up from your dream and realize you still have a garage to organize. You get your cup of coffee, put on your sneakers, open the garage door, see all the clutter and then it hits you. You have no idea where to start. You reluctantly start digging in and after a couple hours you realize you haven't done much except make a bigger mess than when you started.  Overwhelmed by how much more there is to do you decide to take a break and finish tomorrow.  Six months later, you are still telling yourself you need to organize your garage.

Why Organize My Garage?

A disorganized and cluttered garage not only takes up a lot of physical space but mental space too. It will always be that big looming project that overwhelms you even thinking about it.  It will make your holidays more difficult and less enjoyable. Sporting equipment becomes harder to get to which means you will probably use it less. Your precious family memories can get lost or damaged.  You might not be able to park your car in it, losing the ability to keep it protected. Finding anything could take hours which could cause buying duplicates.  Having an organized garage will not only free up a lot of physical and mental space but will turn it into an efficient, functional space that will make your life easier in so many ways. Organizing your San Diego Garage can help you overcome a challenge that has been constricting you for too long!

An Organized Garage Will:

  • Store and protect your car
  • Help you find and put away your things easier and faster
  • Be more prepared for summer and the holidays
  • Free up space for a "Costco zone"
  • Act as a staging area for things leaving your home
  • Improve the efficiency of home repair/maintenance projects
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Make caring for and finding your memorabilia easier and faster

How We Help

The trick to finishing a garage organizing project is managing the overwhelm that comes with it.  By working in phases, I will guide you every step of the way using simple yet effective techniques and methods designed to minimize overwhelm, increase your decision making speed and help you achieve an organized garage faster than you would think.

Contact us today to schedule your free phone consultation and learn how you can get your San Diego garage organized in a matter of hours.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Darci S. Yelp Review

yelpFor longer than I'd like to remember, I'd walk into my house and feel defeated by all the clutter, half-done projects, and the overwhelming sense that no matter how hard I tried, getting the house in a decent, organized state was beyond me.  While there were some areas of my house that were OK, others had felt out of control for way too long.

Tracy is the perfect combination of compassion and understanding, coupled with tough love and bootcamp-instructor-like energy.  As you'll see if you read her book, "If Clutter Could Talk," she has worked with many many different kinds of people, and she has developed great listening skills, insight into human behavior and relationships, and techniques for understanding and finding solutions for problems of organization.

After one day of working with her, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  Progress was immediate, and I felt like I had a plan for moving forward. My kids and I were excited, and couldn't wait for her to come back.  But before we could have our second appointment, the San Marcos fire swept through our neighborhood, causing some pretty extensive damage to our yard and home.  A restoration company had to come in and remove EVERYTHING from the home, to clean, disinfect, and restore it.   Weeks later, when we were finally able to return home, we faced mountains of boxes, everything discombobulated, nothing where it used to be.  And just to add to the fun, my body decided to get the flu that week too!

Tracy came to the rescue, and led up a team to bring sanity to an insane situation.  Even when I was sick in bed, she was able to sort, organize, and power through the junk and clutter, to set up our home like never before.  To quote one of my kids, "My room is better than I ever imagined it could be!"  And that pretty much goes for the whole house.  Although it is still a work in progress, we never ever could have been where we are now without Tracy's expertise, hard work, good humor, patience, and encouragement.   We were able to purge and let go of so many things we'd felt trapped by, and now feel so fortunate to be beginning a new chapter.

Tracy's work is truly transformative, and has already made our lives so much better.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing help making their home, office, or life run more smoothly and efficiently. She'll give you a free consultation over the phone, so you've got nothing to lose by giving her a call.