If Clutter Could Talk

Organizing Book by a Profesional Organizer!

“I’m back!” says the clutter! You hold your head and shout, “Why me? Why can’t I just get organized and stay that way?

Through real-life stories, Tracy exposes the truth behind clutter while sharing practical, simple and easy to apply strategies to get organized. Reap the rewards from staying organized once and for all. Learn about:book-cover

  • The ‘June Cleaver’ standard today’s woman feels burdened to uphold
  • How an overly controlling parenting style causes ‘rebellion clutter’
  • How using the word ‘hate’ can create blocks through energetic imprinting
  • How organizing styles can transform communication with your kids
  • Why creating ‘mom boundaries’ is essential to your well being
  • The roles poverty and martyrism have in creating clutter and hoarding

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Read my book for yourself! Learn from my 20+ years of experience being a professional organizer in San Diego! I have seen it all, for better or worse. If you need help decluttering, or you are just looking for a fun read we have you covered with this organizing book!

What People Say

A person’s home environment is a refection of their thoughts, emotions, and feelings. When I was diagnosed with AIDS I realized I had to let go of everything that no longer served me, including negative emotions and clutter in my home. My healing had to start from within and work out. As I let go of the dark seeded emotions and the clutter around me, I felt lighter, freer, happier and there was a feeling of expansion and newness, within and around me. Things flowed with ease. If you follow the steps in Tracy Paye’s book, If Clutter Could Talk, you will have an opportunity to experience freedom, and expansion in a new way – one that can bring you inner peace and joy. Let go of all that no longer serves you!”

-Sharon Lund, DD, Author and Inspirational Speaker, Founder Sacred Life Publishers.

In my human experience the most compelling moments in my life, have come from someone helping me to expand my levels of self awareness. In this book, Tracy takes you by the hand through a journey of self awareness, which will inspire you to manifest your true self. Helping you to recognize and release the habits and thoughts that are no longer serving you, is the essence of this book.”

– Dulce Benetti

Clutter isn’t just about clutter; it is almost always an emotional journey. Using humor and poignant real life stories, Tracy gets to the heart of things. You may see yourself (or perhaps someone you know) in these stories. You can easily use the “Take Aways” in each chapter to make improvements in your space and in your life. I highly recommend you read this great book or give it as a gift. If you are a coach, it will help you better understand what some of your clients may be dealing with, particularly when it comes to managing change.”

– Judy Peebles, International Speaker, Trainer, Business Strategist & Coach
Creator of The Journaling Jenius™, Journaling Jems™ and The Knowledge Series™

Do you think an organizing book can’t help you? That’s what I thought as well. You know that saying, you don’t know what you don’t know? It’s true, and this book helped me see the trail of what I was missing. Since I finished this book I started going to the gym and have begun to look at my clutter as my Internal chaos exposed”

– Jamie Grogan

I initially thought: “How interesting could this be”? I expected this book would either be a boring technical approach to organization or a girly-girl chick book. What I’ve found is neither of these. Tracy has done a great job at explaining and comparing the causes of clutter, as well as making the subject entertaining and less intimidating. And, I appreciate your recognition that clutter is not as harmless as we might imagine, but can have a dramatic impact upon the productivity, relationships and success in our life. You’ve done a great job here Tracy. I’ve very impressed and have enjoyed the book. Well done!”

– Stacy Silverwood

Well, I thought I was somewhat organized, but, after reading Tracy’s book, I”m not! It inspired and motivated me to go THROUGH my closet and truly organize my clothes and shoes. Awesome book and an easy read that makes you WANT to get organized! Thank you Tracy ~ on to the next project!”

– Elsa Petrick, Wellness Coach & Nutritionist

I have always wondered why I can’t “just get it together” and thought it’s just a personal weakness. After reading Tracy’s book, I know I am not alone, and better yet—there is help for people like me!”

This book works great for me since it is a series of short stories; each that can easily be read in a matter of minutes. Her writing is funny and insightful at the same time, and Tracy makes you feel like you are right there living these scenes with her. Within the humor though is the true compassion Tracy obviously feels for her clients and the struggles they go through.”

I realized that if I want to solve my clutter issues, I need to treat them as seriously as someone who hires a personal exercise trainer. Personal Organizers, like Tracy, have special skill sets to help those of us who need coaching on how to get out of the stranglehold of clutter.”

– Jennifer Ables, CEO & Founder, Soldiers WhoSalsa