Professional Organizing Services For Kid’s Spaces San Diego

Your Ideal Day

In the morning, your kid’s wake up with enthusiasm, make their beds and get dressed. With backpacks ready to go, they make their lunches while you cook your cherubs their healthy breakfast. In pearls and high heels of course. They come home from school, grab a healthy snack and sit down to do their homework. They put their toys away in the toy room. They love sleeping in their room and fall asleep easily. Their homework areas are free from clutter and their backpacks are perfectly organized.

Your Actual Day

No matter how hard you’ve tried to create the habits in your kids to clean their rooms, do their homework, pick up their toys, go to sleep, organize their backpacks, get dressed and make their beds, it never sticks. You wind up having to nag, threaten, plead, give in or do it yourself to get things done. Homework and bedtime are battles. Their bedrooms look like a tornado hit. They don’t even play with most of their toys because they can’t find them. An organized backpack? You consider yourself lucky if they organize their socks.

Why Organize My Kid’s Spaces?

Disorganized kid’s stuff can create chaos in the home. Especially toys, clothes, arts and crafts and homework. It makes cleaning harder, creates overwhelm, impacts them at school, causes fighting and un-cooperation, problems with sleep and a dislike for their bedrooms. My client’s kids often notice positive changes in their kids right away.  From sleeping in their beds for the first time alone to going #2 for the first time alone.  Kid’s love being organized and they are much happier when they are.

Organized Kid Spaces Will:

  • Make bedtime more peaceful
  • Inspire your kids to become more self-sufficient
  • Make their bedroom a place of rest instead of a place to play
  • Make getting dressed easier
  • Increase cooperation
  • Foster more restful sleep
  • Improve their performance in school
  • Improve their mood
  • Increase creativity and desire to play
  • Encourage them to put away their toys and make their beds
  • Get them out of your bed and into their own
  • Increase their focus when studying

How We Help

My favorite organizing projects are ones involving kid’s spaces and working with the kids themselves. From giant toy rooms in Poway to three kids crammed into a bedroom in Cardiff, I’ve personally witnessed the transforming effect organizing a kid’s space can have on them. They often embrace the process, openly express what they do and don’t like about their rooms, are eager to learn organizing techniques and want to be involved. After working with me, parents are often surprised at the progress and improvements their kids make in their spaces and in their lives. Kid’s love me! I think I might start calling myself the Kid Whisperer. I once had a client’s 4 year old cry when being escorted to bed, “I want to stay up and organize with Tracy.”

If you are tired of fighting with your kids, having to be the nag, overwhelmed with cleaning, frustrated and concerned about their schoolwork then contact us today for your free phone consultation and learn how the solution to your kid troubles may be easier than you think.

yelpHear What Our Clients Are Saying

Laura O. Yelp Review

I found Tracy on Yelp and I was impressed by her reviews and also her website. My family had just moved into a much bigger home and I was determined to start out organized and not allow my space to be as cluttered and messy as my previous home. She was so friendly on the phone and we literally got started that week. I needed help with two areas – my kids playroom and the kitchen. The transformation is quite simply a miracle. My boys are 5 and 2 and my 5 yr old has autism. It’s been amazing to see the affect an organized playroom has had on him, even in a short period of time – we finished the playroom and kitchen this past week. He is so much calmer and he loves putting his toys in their assigned places once he is finished playing. Even my 2 yr old can put the toys back properly. My older son has had an amazing week – sitting calmly in a restaurant, independently going #2 on the potty (this has been a battle for years) and when his behavior therapist asked me what changed this week, I simply told him – Miss Organized was here! She has changed my life and her techniques are so simple, I’ll be able to use them to organize the rest of my home and KEEP organized! God bless you Tracy, you are a miracle-worker!”