MomsTown 365 Podcast - 12/1/20

Check out Mary, Heather and I's convo about how to organize your workspace quickly and the benefits of doing so.  I explain how to increase your productivity with a clean desk. Also, how to set up your workspace using the principle of "valuable real estate" and, my three-step strategy, "Stressed, Stop and Sort ™" for clearing your desk.

MomsTown 365 Podcast - 12/1/20

On this MomsTown episode with Mary & Heather, we get into why planning to get organized is so important.  I share my Forward Think and Backwards Plan ™ strategy that helps to create a simple project plan to get started quickly.  I also talk about how keeping your decision-making abilities high is the key to finishing your organizing projects. 

MomsTown 365 Pocast - 12/1/20

On this episode, I talk with Mary and Heather about "rebellion clutter", what it is, and how it plays out in our relationships.

I share an interesting client story that led to a light-bulb moment about rebellion clutter.

MomsTown 365 Podcast - 12/1/20

Check out this lively conversation with Mary & Heather who were very interested in how cleaning out a closet can help someone lose weight. I share several reasons and tips on purging clothes from your closet and the psychological reason as to how that can help melt the pounds.

MomsTown 365 Podcast - 12/1/20

Want to make it easier to keep your kid's rooms cleaner? Here's a little secret, it helps if they actually like their rooms. Listen in while Mary, Heather, and I discuss how using storage and a whiteboard can help you help them keep their rooms cleaner. 

MomsTown 365 Podcast - 12/1/20

Do you ever feel like the energy in your home is stuck?  On this episode, Mary, Heather, and I talk about how clutter creates stuck and low vibrating energy.I share how organizing is the perfect way to get your energy unstuck and vibrating high and the catalytic effect it can have on everyone in the house. 

MomsTown 365 Podcast - 11/30/2020

Check out my conversation with Mary and Heather as we talk about making a house a home. I share how living "just for now" can create an unsettled feeling and how the sooner you settle in the faster your life will move forward.  I also share my three favorite tips for settling in quickly. 

MomsTown 365 Podcast - 11/30/2020

Listen in on my chat with Mary and Heather as we discuss how to make purge and create space to make room for new things to come into your home.

This Is San Diego

Miss Organized was featured on "This Is San Diego" as a premier business in San Diego. Watch my full segment as I transform a single mom's garage turned into a play space into a "man cave" for her two young boys.

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