The Miss Organized Show

Organizing Podcast Hosted By Tracy Paye

Listen in to the Miss Organized show where I share my favorite tips and tricks to help you clear the mess to relieve your stress to help you live a life full of peace and happiness.

From organizing and productivity to feng shui and health, we'll talk about the hows and whys, the good, bad and ugly, the funny and the not so funny and the psychology behind it all.

You'll also hear podcasts from my guest appearances on other podcaster's shows.

Struggle to Keep things Organized?

Keeping things organized and decluttered has been a problem for so many people all over the world! It can be a difficult task to crack down and start to remove and organize all of those items you kept putting off dealing with. It not only can make your home seem claustrophobic, but it can take a toll on your mental health. Listen to my organizing podcast for tips on how to get and stay organized. Organizing is just one part of the problem, staying organized is the difficult part. It is easy just to put off things until they need to be dealt with. This podcast on organizing is told by me Tracy Paye, and is a way for me to help those who need it the most. Organizing may sound like a simple and quick fix, but we need to understand the cause of the reorganization to fix it for good!



Who is Tracy Paye

I am Tracy Paye the host of The Miss Organized show and the founder of Miss Organized. I live in San Diego and I have a lot of experience with organizing for lasting results. You name it I have seen it! I work with clients to get their homes organized and clutter-free! I am a practicing Feng Shui as well to ensure your home is what it is supposed to be... a loving and nurturing environment for growth! I started the podcast to share what I have learned from running an organization business for the best part of 18 years. Through that time I have learned many valuable lessons which I felt needed to be shared!

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