Organizing Tips for Toys in a Kid’s Bedroom


Organizing toys in a kid’s bedroom is easier said than done. In fact organizing toys in a kid’s bedroom is always easy the first time! Maintaining it is what is the hardest! Get Kid’s Bedroom Organizing tips below for a head start on maintaining the organized home you crave.

Moving the Toys Out of The Bedroom

Believe it or not, kid’s toys in a kid’s bedroom is one of the biggest reasons why their rooms become disorganized. Not only that but can lead to sleep problems.

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a separate toy room, it’s best to put the kid’s toys in the living room or near the dining room; space permitting of course. Arts and crafts also work better being stored in these spaces. 

Kid’s like to play with their toys and do their arts and crafts in these main traffic areas anyway. By putting their toys in these areas, you increase the chances of putting them back. There’s nothing more thrilling for a parent than watching their kid putting their own toys back.

You may also find that their sleep may improve once the toys are removed from a kid’s bedroom. Seeing their toys may keep them alert and in play mode. Adults can face the same problems but with their workspaces in their bedrooms. It makes it hard to shut off at the end of the night. 

Dress up clothes, stuffed animals and books are the only kid’s things I recommend having in their bedrooms. 

If their bedroom is your only option, then keeping things organized and contained will help prevent a kid room explosion. 

Containerization is Key for Kid’s Bedroom Organization

Containing toys does not mean buying a bunch of bins and cramming them full of toys. In fact, putting any more than about 2 categories of toys in one bin will make it difficult for them to find what they want. But, more importantly, putting it back so it can be easily found again.

Toys that are contained will also be less visually stimulating and help make the transition to sleep much easier.


Cubbies are a parent’s best friend

Cubbies provide a simple solution to containing toys. It keeps toys all in one place and makes it easier for them find what they want to play with. Bonus: There are so many organizing hacks and ideas for using these. 
Toys spread out all over the room can be a parent’s nightmare. Cleaning will much better harder. You also may not really know how much toys your kids actually have which could lead to overbuying. 

Label like it was your religion

Increase the chances of your kids putting their toys back by labeling the bins. 
Putting pictures of the toys in the bin or cube on the front will help your kids find their toys easier. If you are using a fabric cube, name badges work really well.

Kid’s Bedroom Organizing Before and Afters

Totally overwhelmed by their room, the mom of these 8 and 10-year-old brothers didn’t know where to begin organizing. We started by sorting all of the various bins and boxes she was using to store the toys. 

We also moved the arts and crafts out of the bedroom and stored them in a hall closet closer to the dining room table where the boys did their arts and crafts. 

To create more of a visual appeal, we kiddie cornered the book case. We also re-arranged the books by hard books and soft books, making them easier to grab. Activity books such as coloring and sticker books were taken out of the bookcase and added to the arts and craft supplies in the hall closet. 

Costumes hanging in the closet were taken off the hangers and put into a drawer under the bed. Kid’s typically aren’t big fans of having to hang things. 

To make their toy weapons easier to see, grab and play, we placed them in an upright container.

We put the games and puzzles up on a shelf in the closet. This freed up space on the cubby. This also made it so they would have to ask their parents to get them down, hopefully preventing game and puzzle pieces from being scattered all over the floor. 

To learn more about Kid’s Bedroom Organizing for your kids room and other areas on your home organization wishlist. I can help, contact us today.