Organizing Success Tips

Being organized is a wonderful way to live.  It makes life easier, more peaceful, productive and comfortable. But getting organized isn't always easy, peaceful or comfortable.

Check out my simple, tried and true organizing tips to get through our organizing sessions faster, easier and with less stress than ever before.

#1 Set important papers and items aside

This will help to ensure your most important items can be found quickly and easily during the organizing process.

#2 Minimize distractions

We realize life must go on while organizing.  However, to maximize our time together, it's best to minimize any potential distractions e.g. text, phone calls, kids, work, meetings.

#3 Focus on quality sleep and relaxation

Try to get a good night's sleep before your sessions.  You'll need the energy to handle the physical work.  Relax after sessions to prevent burnout from over exertion. Clients who don't practice rest and relaxation before and after sessions tend to get sick.

#4 Stay hydrated

The organizing process can take a physical toll on the body.  Staying hydrated is the easiest way to fight off any sickness or burnout as a result of the organizing process.

#5 Communicate openly and honestly

To get the best results while working together, it's important to be open about your thoughts, feelings and preferences.  This will help me set up your home in a way that works best for you.

#6 Be open and willing

The more open you are to new ideas and insights and willing to make the changes necessary to improve your home the better your results will be.

#7 Keep our appointments

Do your best to keep our scheduled sessions.  Even one cancellation can cause a break in momentum, delay progress and put finishing the project at risk.

#8 Do not book anything after your session

If you plan on physically participating in the organizing work, we highly recommend to not schedule anything after your organizing session. Relaxing as much as possible after a session is important to the overall success and progress of your project.

Though the organizing process can be challenging to go through physically, mentally and emotionally, following my organizing success tips will make it less challenging and keep you moving till it's done.

Just remember, you got this and you're going to love how good done feels!

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