Tracy Paye certified professional organizer

Clearing the Mess To Relieve The Stress!

At twelve years old, I had a friend who would invite me over to her house to play. I would look forward to her invite every time because it gave me a chance to clean up and organize her messy room.  Little did I know that experience would lead to a future as a professional home organizer. 

Needless to say, most twelve year olds define fun in a much different way and she eventually stopped inviting me over.  Ok, lesson learned, but I couldn't help myself.  I felt overwhelmed and stressed out trying to play in her room.  It made it difficult to focus on and enjoy what we were doing. 

Fast forward to 2002, I just became a new mom and was suddenly catapulted into the world of having to manage another person. I quickly realized the stress from managing myself hardly compared to the stress of managing a child.  From stuff and schedules to activites and meals, my organizing skills were put to the test. 

Around that same time, while watching the show “Mission Organization,” on HGTV, I discovered that people have been making a career out of doing what I've enjoyed doing since the age of twelve, GETTING RID OF CLUTTER!

Inspired to help busy moms get organized, I decided to become a professional organizer and started Miss Organized six months later.  Since 2003, I've professionally organized hundreds of homes and offices into livable, lovable and functional spaces that improve personal and professional lives.  I love what I do and I hope to inspire others to love organizing too.

Writing and Podcasting

In 2013, I became a published author with my book, If Clutter Could Talk....The Stories It Would Tell and have been featured in several magazines including Cooking Light, Good Housekeeping, Living in Style, SD Voyager and Ranch and Coast magazine.

Creator of The Miss Organized Show Podcast, I share the whys behind clutter and tips and tricks on how to get and stay organized. I've also been a guest on several podcasts ranging from topics on how to get kids to clean their rooms, digital organizing and losing weight by cleaning out your closet.

Media and Speaking 

Appearing on news stations locally and across the country, I've also sat on a panel of guest experts on the nationally syndicated talk show Face the Truth as well as appeared as a featured business owner in This Is San Diego, a show dedicated to highlighting local business owners and their businesses. 

A public speaker, I've had the opportunity to speak at trade shows and conferences, local businessness and organizations and as a webinar presenter for companies like Taco Bell, Wrike and Cetera Financial.  I dipped my toe in Toastmasters for a while and came out of it with a few awards.  Go me!

My favorite speaking engagement was for the students of The Winston School, a school for children with learning differences. This led to employing a couple of students and a semester long adjunct teaching position on the subject of organization to a group of students.  To this day, one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. 

My Mission

My mission is to help people clear their mess to relieve their stress to live happier and more productive lives by creating homes that are organized, functional and feel good to be in