Tracy was great! She gave us great ideas and worked hard and organized my bathroom and closet. AND she got my husband to finally purge his closet and office which I have been trying to get him to do for years. Hoping to have another session with her this summer:) Thanks Tracy!

First and foremost, thank you Tracy!
For 3 years I would stare at my bedroom and wonder when I was going to reorganize it. It would never happen, no matter how many mental notes I made. It. Never. Happened.
So I decided to seek out some unbiased help (Sorry mom!). I didn't know where to start, and just like you reading this right now, I sought out Yelpers expertise (or lack thereof). But this time, the reviews about Tracy couldn't of been more on point.
She was not only professional and informative she was an absolute pleasure to work with after 6 hours of working in my room! It's done! Seriously, 3 years later and this lovely lady helped me knock out an almost impossible mission in 6 hours. Things are where they make sense, cleaned out the unnecessary, and even added some Feng Shui elements and voila! You've got a room you actually want to spend time in! She left with me with a couple of tasks to complete but otherwise she helped me solve 95% of my issues that I could've never tackled alone.
She is worth every penny if you're like me and enjoy spending time in your room, home, etc!

I was scheduled for knee replacement surgery and realized I would not be able to safely enter my home post-op without some drastic changes. I had no clear path for me plus a walker. I had no sit-down areas for myself or caregivers or visitors.

After a phone interview we scheduled a session to which It was suggested I invite one trusted helper. This session was to have been for 4 hours. While Tracy and my friend cleared the parts of my house most important for my recovery. I was instructed to work on another area, my bedroom. As the 4 hour time limit was about to expire, Tracy announced that she could work another 2 hours along with my friend,while I went off to an appointment.

When I returned I found several restored work areas,a good deal of open seating, and miraculously, wide clearances for me and my walker! True, much of the "stuff" that disappeared went into marked boxes to be sorted later. This was fine with me as I had a long recuperation period ahead and the sorting would give me something to do.

After surgery, I find I am able to navigate safely through the most important areas of my house. This will make my recuperation and recovery so much easier!

As I progress through subsequent phases of this work I can see that I will probably need more guidance from Tracy. But what I have learned is that much of this can be done by myself alone. I just need to be determined not to let it get that bad again,and only I can make that determination.

And folks, this is affordable. Thanks,Tracy!

Tracy is a miracle worker. My husband is a hoarder who hasn't gotten rid of anything, ever. Within 15 minutes of her being in our house, she had worked her magic and he started sorting. By the last session, everything in our garage was outside in the backyard. For that alone, the investment was completely worth it. I only wish I'd done this years ago.
If you are ready to de-clutter, she will get you moving. She even created a system for my pantry (which wasn't even on my list) that has lasted, too. I also love all her feng-shui tips.
This should be life-changing for you! I hope to never have clutter again! Best thing I ever did! Call her; you won't regret it!

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Her services are truly life transforming!!! Please please do yourself and your life a HUGE favor and use her service. My master bedroom is now a haven of love and peace and restoration thanks to her. And I've also continued using her help on other rooms of the house. She's created a monster! In a very good way! I can't wait to book another session!!!!

I hired Tracy to help me organize my office space. Everything she teaches us is spot-on. My office space is still in good shape after many years, her systems stick!

Thank you, Tracy!

Tracy is super professional and sweet ! I look forward to using her services ! Thanks Tracy for getting back to me promptly !