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At Miss Organized, we pride ourselves on not only providing high quality work but we do it fast and make it last.  You won't believe how quickly life transforming results can happen in your home.  When we're done, you'll wish you hired us sooner. 

Organizing Package Includes: 

  • Hands on organizing and decluttering of every room in the house (includes garages)
  • Guidance with purging
  • Storing items so they can be found and put away easily
  • Email, text and phone support through the process
  • Suggestions on organizing products and furniture
  • Interior re-decorating and redesign
  • Feng shui recommendations
  • Systemization of functional activities in the home (e.g. laundry, household chores, meal prep, toy management)
  • Referrals to service providers in the trusted Miss Organized network
  • Preparing items for moving (not including fragile items)
  • Preparing trash and recycling for disposal
  • Help with donations (preparation, removal and/or coordination with haulers)
  • Light cleaning (vacuuming, wiping down cabinets, sweeping)

How Long Does It Take?

Several factors determine how long an organizing project will take to complete.

How many people are working on the project, the amount of stuff, level of detail desired and decision making speed all play a role in how quickly a project can be completed.

A rough estimate to reach an at least 75% completion rate would be two sessions per each main space (kitchens/pantry, master bedroom closets, master bathrooms, bedrooms).  Garages often need four sessions and smaller closets need half to one full session.

We know the motivation to get organized doesn't last forever.  We also know our clients have lives to live during the process and organizing will not always be high on the priority list.

That's why we use a "rip the band-aid off fast" approach. Our goal is to help you quickly and easily finish your organizing projects once and for all.

You're going to love how amazing done feels!


$100 per hour with one organizer

$150 per hour with two organizers

(4-Hour minimum per project day)

Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying


Stacey Ross

Tracy worked diligently, organizing my out-of-control attic and messy office, and also helped me purge what "no longer served me." What a memorable process it was! To this day I can't stand clutter and consider myself very neat and organized. 5 stars for Miss Organized!


Tracy B. 

I can't say enough about Tracy. She came into our home and helped bring order to our crazy house. We needed to reorganize multiple rooms and she methodically helped us organize our 3500 space room by room. She has amazing energy and I loved working together to complete our goals.


Jennifer R. 

Miss Organized completely transformed my office space/guest room from a 1.5 to a 10! I could not be more thrilled with my workspace! She also helped me to become more efficient in my workflow as a real estate agent and helped me to set goals to work towards as well. Will definitely be sharing my experience with everyone. Thanks Tracy!!


Stacey Vulakh

This is my 4th time working with Tracy. First, she and her team unpacked our entire house and garage when we relocated to the area. Talk about life-changing! Tracy makes regular visits to our home, 1x-2x/year and we re-organize and streamline areas that are frequently used. She is a font of information, shares the psychology of organizing/clutter, etc. and provides solutions for making life run easier and smoother.

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