The Miss Organized Show

Show Date: 11/12/14

Topic: Discussing Autism and Organization with Temple Grandin

Show summary: Tracy interviews Temple Grandin on her organization methods and Becky Estepp who shares the role organization has played in helping her son with autism as well as facts about autism.

Segment 1 – Tracy interviews world renowned autism activist Temple Grandin on her methods of organizing papers, time, getting ready, delivering presentations and travel. Temple says she has “packing down to a science.”

Segment 2– Tracy shares sensitivities she experiences with ADHD that are very similar to sensitivities those with autism experience. She also shares her methods for calming her nerves to help with sleep and stress management. Tracy explains how the lighting used in your workspace effects your productivity and how sensitivities to fabric can create a negative affect. Clutter is also a contributor to over-stimulation in one’s environment that could cause someone to become shut down or hyper aware.

Segment 3– Tracy interviews the Communication Director for the advocacy group Health Choice, Becky Estepp. Becky shares her personal story of becoming an advocate for her son who has autism after the misguided advice of doctors. Becky also shares how she used organization to help her handle the enormous amount of paper that comes with helping a child with autism.

Segment 4 – Becky discusses autism related statistics, how she helps herself to be better able to help her son and the importance of having a clean and organized home to create a calm atmosphere for kids with autism to feel more in control.

Show date: 4/19/14

Topic: National Autism Awareness Month

Show summary: To raise awareness of National Autism Awareness Month, Tracy invites Admission Director and teacher at the Winston School in Del Mar, Amy Spitler and former client, Laura Ohme whose young sons are on the Autism spectrum.

Segment 1 -Tracy invites Admissions Director from the Winston School, Amy Spitler to discuss what Autism is the affects it can have on someones social and emotional development and how Winston works to help their students with Autism.

Segment 2 – Amy explains some of the gifts those with Autism have and how Winston works with their students to harness or redirect their strengths to help them be more successful.

Segment 3 Tracy and Amy discuss the connection between disorganization at home and disorganization at school. Amy gives advice on how parents can set up their kids environment at home to support their studies. Winston helps prepare for kids for college and provides an environment where they can flourish where in a traditional school setting they would have difficulties participating.

Segment 4 – Tracy speaks with one of her former clients whose sons are both on the Autism spectrum and shares the incredible progress one of her sons has made as a result of the organizing that Tracy did in their home.

Show Date: 4/5/14

Topic: Organizing Your Way To A More Successful Dating Life

Show Summary: Tracy speaks with founder and CEO of and, RJ Jaramillo about the role organization and cleanliness have on one’s dating experience and the perceptions it can create.

Segment 1 – Tracy speaks with founder and CEO of and, RJ Jaramillo about the role organization and cleanliness have on one’s dating experience and the perceptions it can create.

Segment 2 – Tracy and RJ talk about the effect disorganization and uncleanliness can have on one’s dating life.

Segment 3 – Tracy and RJ talk about changes that can be made in one’s home and appearance to create a better dating experience.

Segment 4 – Tracy and RJ continue to discuss changes you can make in your home and to your personal self and the changes their clients made to their homes and appearance that made their dating experience better.

Show Date: 3/29/14

Topic: Helping a Family Put Their Home In Order

Show Summary: In today’s show, Tracy talks to her clients, a family of four about their experience with getting organized, where they share what led them to ask for help with organizing, what changes were made, the effect it had on their lives and the benefits that came from it.

Segment 1 – Victor and Heidi discuss their challenges that caused them to call Tracy for help and fears they had about getting organized.

Segment 2 – Heidi and Victor share how they managed their pre-organizing emotions, discuss the physical changes that were made in their home and the insights they got from the changes they made.

Segment 3 – Heidi and Victor share the effect the changes in their home have had on their lives and the many benefits they have received from implementing Tracy’s suggested Feng Shui cures.

Segment 4 – Victor and Heidi continue to discuss the many benefits that have come from getting organized and implementing Feng Shui. Tracy also shares one of her favorite strategies she calls the “At Least” strategy.

Show Date: 3/15/14

Topic: Organizing Your Life with Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

Show summary: On today’s Miss Organized show, Tracy shares her favorite apps that have helped her to survive and thrive in today’s overwhelming world. From task and time trackers to Google and GPS, Tracy gives a breakdown on what these apps do and how you too can integrate them into your personal and professional lives.

Segment 1 – Tracy shares her rule of thumb for apps, how to figure out the best apps for you and a few of her favorite apps.

Segment 2 – Tracy shares more of her favorite apps.

Segment 3 – Google apps

Segment 4 – Tracy shares more of her favorite apps

Show Date: 3/1/14

Topic: 10 Ways To A Less Stressful Day

Show summary: Keeping up with the chaotic pace of life and trying to fit it all in can be very stressful. Not managing your stress can make you ineffective, inefficient, unhealthy, impact sleep and cause life to feel unenjoyable. Tracy shares the stressors she identified in her own life and the strategies and techniques she created to manage them and how much easier and enjoyable her life has become and the importance she now places on stress management.

Segment 1 – Tracy shares her own story about living with stress and insomnia and what she learned about it.

Segment 2 – Tracy shares the techniques and strategies she’s created to manage her stress and rewire her brain. She also talks about the ADHD brain and the role it plays in stress.

Segment 3 – Tracy shares her calming, decision making, time management and planning strategies all designed to reduce stress.

Segment 4 – Tracy talks about her other stress reducing strategies, systems and apps to help with two areas that tend to cause a lot of stress in people’s lives, scheduling and task management.

Show Date: 2/1/14

Topic: Organizer, de-clutter and use Feng Shui cures in your home to attract love or enhance the love you already have.

Show summary: Organize, de-clutter and use feng shui cures in your home to attract love or enhance the love you already have. If you aren’t attracting love or lacking love in your current relationship, your stuff and your thoughts could be causing the block. RJ Jaramillo of discusses how he helps single parents find love again by getting organized, de-cluttering and addressing the little details that can make or break a first impression.

Segment 1 – Clutter and disorganization can cause people to feel negatively which impacts their relationships.

Segment 2 – Fixing and enhancing energy to help in your relationships

Segment 3 – RJ shares his dating advice when it comes to cleanliness and organization

Segment 4 – RJ shares a client success story

Show Date: 1/18/04

Topic: Help! A Four Letter Word

Show summary: Help, considered a four letter word by some. Asking for it can be challenging, especially for an “independent” woman, but learning how to can prevent burnout, teach kids how to ask for help and make life easier. Tracy and fellow Professional Organizer, Grace Brooke discuss how beneficial asking for help can be.

Segment 1 – The “June Cleaver” standard today’s woman is up against and the challenges of being the independent type.

Segment 2 – Asking for help comes with many benefits. Learn how to ask for help and watch your life become easier.

Segment 3 – Tracy and fellow Professional Organizer Grace Brooke discuss how their typical clients have a lot on their plates,try to handle it all on their own and how they are suffering because of it.

Segment 4 – Chaos doesn’t just exist in the home. It can exist in the mind too. Grace shares a client success story with a woman who was trying to do it all on her own.

Show Date: 01/04/14

Topic: The challenges of maintaining work/life balance as a mompreneur with Stacey Ross

Show summary: Running a business is hard enough. Running a business as a mompreneur can seem almost impossible at times. Listen how former school teacher turned mompreneur, Stacey Ross of San Diego Bargain Mama and SR Media Consulting, learned through the power of organizing how to set boundaries, eliminate non-serving shoulds and get her sleep back on track to become a healthier and more balanced mompreneur.

Segment 1 -Challenges of being a mompreneur

Segment 2 – Manage your workspace, manage your life

Segment 3 – Interview with Stacey Ross of San Diego Bargain Mama and SR Media Consulting

Segment 4 – Stacey talks about how she overcame her challenges as a mompreneur

Show date: 12/21/13

Topic: Your living and work spaces can help or hinder your goals

Show summary: Your living and work spaces can help or hinder your goals. Tracy talks with former neighbor and comedian Gina Manning about how she was able to move forward with her goals by getting organized in her home and creating a workspace that supported her goals.

Segment 1: The way you have your living and work spaces can help or hinder your goals.

Segment 2: Ways you can set up your living and workspaces to support your goals.

Segment 3:Tracy discusses with Gina the condition of her living and workspace before we organized her.

Segment 4: Gina and I discuss the changes we made in her space

Show Date: 12/7/13

Topic: Tracy’s task taming strategies

Show summary: Tracy shares her task management strategies and favorite productivity apps. Kelly Poelker of talks about her favorite productivity apps and how she applies them to manage her and her clients tasks.

Segment 1 The Challenge of Managing Tasks

Segment 2: A simple formula for managing tasks – COPA (Collect, Organize, Plan and Act)

Segment 3: Tracy’s favorite task management apps

Segment 4: Continued interview with Kelly Poelker, owner of Another 8 Hours