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Miss Organized provides home organizing services to busy families and professionals all over the San Diego area.

Our organizers will streamline and organize your home as you have never seen it before. No matter how bad you may think it is, trust me we have seen it all. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients to ensure a calmer, organized space to get more done. Whether that be your home, office, garage, we can help you gather your thoughts, and things and make informed decisions on what to do with your clutter, and then ultimately organize what you have!

Since 2003 Tracy Paye, of Miss Organized has been helping get San Diego organized! With the bustle and fast-paced lifestyle, many of us live in, it can be difficult to get and stay organized. This is when a professional organizer comes in to take some of the stress off you and finally say no to clutter!

Do you look around your rooms and wonder where it all went wrong? Seems like you may need an organizer.

How did things get so bad? What was once just a pile of laundry on a chair or a few misplaced tools in the garage has somehow blossomed into a bedroom that makes you lose sleep and a garage that you’re embarrassed to open? Let a Professional San Diego Organizer and Feng Shui consultant text you the art of keeping a home organized!

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You’ve tried tidying.

You’ve banished a few things to the garage (you’ll deal with that later). You’ve made a little headway. But all too quickly, life happens and things just keep piling up. It all feels so big. It’s too overwhelming. You don’t know where to begin. And, even if you started now, how long would it take to make progress? Where would you find the time? And, then wouldn’t it just go back to this eventually anyway?

You start to think...“Maybe I can just shut the door and never use that room again.”

Or I could just move and leave everything behind. Or maybe those woodland creatures from Snow White will get to work while I’m doing the other 5000 things I have to do.” You fantasize about life without so much stuff. Clean, airy rooms with all the essentials in their perfect spot. Ahhhh…wouldn’t that be nice? Well, it could be a reality with our home organization San Diego team! We will come into your San Diego home and help you get and stay organized!

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Every client has struggled with stress, overwhelm, and stuck-ness. This is a judgment-free zone. There is no shame in our game and there shouldn’t be any in yours either, allow our professional home organizers in San Diego to help you declutter!

You can have a beautifully decluttered space that makes you, your family and your guests feel calm, relaxed and excited to come back.

You can be free from the stuff that has taken over your physical and mental space.

You can gain a sense of control over your space, paper, and digital worlds.

And, you can do it in less time and with less money than you may think.

The Miss Organized Method™ is all about getting your mind, body and spirit fit for the battle of You vs. Clutter. (Cue Eye of the Tiger and training montage ala Rocky) This is a marathon that starts with a sprint. We’re going to give you all the tools. We’re going to work side-by-side. And, we’ll be cheering for you the whole time! Get ready for results! Superpowered home organization!

“I had a great experience with Tracy. She helped get my garage organized in a way that allows me to stay organized once she's gone. She had useful tips, method of attack, and was friendly and professional through the entire process. I would recommend her to my family and friends and will use her again for future organizing needs.” - Muir 

“I can't say enough about Tracy. She came into our home and helped bring order to our crazy house. We needed to reorganize multiple rooms and she methodically helped us organize our 3500 space room by room. She has amazing energy and I loved working together to complete our goals” - Tracy 

“Tracy was a delight to work with. She is passionate and hard working, making the most of the time. She has transformed the way I see storage and she has turned my messy life into a beautiful and practical system. My kitchen will never be the same! Thank you x100 Tracy!” - Jennifer 

"Tracy has been a life-saver!!!  She is the perfect combination of compassion and understanding, coupled with tough love and bootcamp-instructor-like energy.  After one day of working with her, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  Progress was immediate, and I felt like I had a plan for moving forward. My kids and I were excited, and couldn't wait for her to come back.  One of them even said, "My room is better than I ever imagined it could be!" Tracy's work is truly transformative, and has already made our lives so much better.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing help making their home, office, or life run more smoothly and efficiently." - Darci 

I called Miss Organized to help me organize my closet which led to the organization of my kitchen, playroom, daughter's bedroom, pantry, living room & craft closet.  All I can say is WOW! When Tracy arrived at my home she began right away working her magic on my closet with her very detailed organizational system. I could not believe by the end of our session, I was able to walk inside my closet with no obstructions! The placement of my clothing and shoes were organized in such a way that would help me continue the upkeep going forward.  Each time Tracy organized the next room or space, I was so grateful.  Hiring Tracy and using her organizational system has been absolutely AMAZING.  Not only does my house look great but I was able to let go of all the negative feelings associated with these rooms. Thank you so much Tracy! - Raquel 


When you hire a professional organizer you can expect a lot! We’ll work on mindset and some calming exercises so you can make great decisions FAST. You won’t have to get rid of everything...we promise. We’re here to organize the things you love the most and make space for you to enjoy them.


Clutter happens not just because of lack of time, space, or containers. In fact, clutter often happens because of internal factors like beliefs, habits, and physical limitations.  To help achieve results that last, we'll work with you to identify the root cause of your clutter and offer solutions to not only transform your home, but positively affect your mind, body, and spirit in ways you didn't know possible.


That big, scary monster of a garage? Not so scary in tiny pieces. That overflowing, beast of a closet? Totally manageable in bites. This is our zone of genius. We are goddesses of breaking projects into small, easily-digestible pieces that leave you feeling satisfied, not stuffed. This is how we are able to complete projects with ease and help our San Diego clientele get organized!


We work fast. We talk fast. We make progress fast. Time will fly! You’ll be energized, motivated, and shocked at how much we’ll accomplish together. By the end, you will feel a fresh wave of relief as we finish our professional organization service!


Have you tried getting organized only to find yourself quickly losing energy, wanting to give up and then quitting, leaving a bigger mess than when you started? With Miss Organized's boundless amounts of energy, we will tackle your clutter and get your home in tip top shape from start to finish.  You'll feel such a boost in energy, you'll wonder why you didn't hire us sooner. 

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Through real-life stories, Tracy exposes the truth behind clutter while sharing practical, simple and easy to apply strategies to get organized. Reap the rewards from staying organized once and for all.



Listen in to learn how you can use organizing to transform any mess in your life from physical and emotional messes to spiritual and mental ones.

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